Thursday, April 06, 2006

Internet Will Be Tomorrow's TV Screen, Says AOL Chief

Forget the TV, tomorrow's screen of preference will probably be the Internet, predicts AOL chief Jon Miller. "Video consumption is exploding online and on-demand is going to be the dominant way to consume content." Video-on-demand will be "dominant in the next few years."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

FYI: Advertisers Say TV Commercials Now Less Effective - Study

Almost 70% of advertisers say they believe that DVRs and video-on-demand will reduce or destroy the traditional 30-second spot, says a new survey by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research. Also: More advertisers are experimenting with emerging media.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

CNET YouTube Video-Sharing Site Sees Spike in Users


San Francisco - CNET on Friday reported on YouTube, the video-sharing site that has seen the number of video streams it serves jump from 3 million a day to 30 million since launching in December 2005. The site, which claimed 4.2 million visitors in February, according to ComScore Networks, features no ads and does not charge users to upload the blend of amateur and semi-professional clips found on the site. YouTube has removed several "Saturday Night Live" clips at NBC's request, and warns users not to post videos for which they don't own the rights. "We've been meeting with almost every TV network, record label and movie studio to talk about ways to partner and help them reach a broader demographic," YouTube spokeswoman Juile Supan told "Eventually, we're going to introduce extremely relevant ads that will benefit users and won't disrupt the service." (CNET)