Friday, February 17, 2006

Weak Sales of Sony PSP Movies Prompt Distribution Slowdown

Los Angeles - Sales of movies on Sony's UMD format for its PSP handheld video game have been weaker than expected, according to a report in Variety, causing studios including Paramount, Warner and Sony itself to cut back on future movie releases. The report said successful releases have sold upwards of 100,000 units, but average UMD titles topped off around 50,000 units; top-selling UMD titles included "Napoleon Dynamite," "Chappelle's Show" and "Beavis & Butthead." "We are re-evaluating our position on any future releases at this time," Jeff Baker, senior vice president and general manager of Warner Bros. theatrical catalog, told Variety. "We're looking at this on a case-by-case basis. We're disappointed with consumer demand at this time." Warner Bros. said it has cancelled releases for six planned UMD titles. In a bid to help increase sluggish sales, Sony has plans to release an adapter that would enable the PSP to connect to a TV to play UMD movies.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Bruce Benson said...

My view: This was predictable - the UMD movies on a memory stick at $20 apiece and not playable on other home devices was bound to be a failure. Sony should have linked up with a movie site like Cinema Now or others to let consumers download movies onto PSP. It means making the PSP compatible with Windows Media DRM, but at least a PSP consumer could watch the movie once for $4 bucks. A much better proposition. You think they would have learned this lesson with the minidisc.


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